June 2014

InfraSUR LLC announces that the BiRDS (sm) technical support and licensing program has achieved an early business milestone by supporting multiple clients during feasibility studies, bench treatability studies, field pilot tests, and full scale applications involving Biogeochemical Reductive Dehalogenation and Metals Stabilization (BiRD or BiRDS). Site applications for groundwater remediation involve unconsolidated formations and bedrock systems. Material types include fluvial and glacio-fluvial depositional sequences, glacial till, saprolite/residuum, semi-arid basin fill sequences, and marine depositional sequences. Thus far, bedrock systems are comprised of limestone but all bedrock types are applicable. In most cases, clients are interested in capturing the lower cost profile and enhanced performance potential of BiRD by converting from or supplementing zero valent iron and/or enhanced anaerobic bioremediation approaches.