June 2014

InfraSUR LLC with exclusive partner HydroResolutions LLC are commercializing the new integrated field test platform Subsurface Injection Field Testing through the InfraSUR SIFT (sm) technical services business line. InfraSUR and HydroResolutions are leaders in subsurface hydrogeologic and hydraulics characterization for waste management and remediation purposes. The new SIFT capability involves specialized hardware, software, human expertise, and protocols and is available to the engineering, environmental, and natural resources development community where state-of-the-art characterization of complex subsurface hydraulics and fluid flow is desired. The initial field stage involves conduct of the PneuSine process that involves propagation of frequency and amplitude modulated sinusoidal energy waves into the formation. The second stage that follows involves controlled emplacement of injectate with composition and volume dependent on the test goals and objectives. Predictive and inverse simulations are conducted using the leading numerical simulator nSIGHTS.