Why Consultants and Contractors Retain InfraSUR

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Specialties that are difficult to find
  • Value Proposition 

InfraSUR is highly focused on delivering expert specialty technical support, within a consulting team setting, when the following subsurface characterization and remedial technologies are being considered for application, or are currently in use, at a specific site with organic and/or inorganic contamination:

  • Advanced Hydraulic and Tracer Testing/Contaminant Hydrogeologic Characterization
  • Biogeochemical Characterization
  • In-situ or Ex-situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO, ESCO)
  • Biogeochemical Reductive Dehalogenation (BiRD) – including dechlorination
  • Heavy Metals Stabilization (BiRDS)
  • Oxidative or Reductive In-situ and Ex-situ Bioremediation

InfraSUR has been in business 23 years and clients retain us as sub-consultants to assist throughout a project life cycle or at critical junctures.

Clients include first and foremost local – regional – international consulting and contracting firms of engineering and environmental roots, but also private sector commercial operations, government agencies (e.g., energy department), and law firms.

Specific services, typically involving technical support in evaluation/implementation of one or more of the technologies listed above, include:

  • Peer Review
  • Strategic Planning support
  • Feasibility Evaluation/Study (FS) support
  • Advanced Subsurface Characterization Support
  • Early Design Concepts (EDC) and Conceptual Design (CD) support
  • Design Data Collection (DDC) or Pre-Design Investigation (PDI) planning and execution support, including advanced DDC protocols
  • Treatability Study (bench-scale) or Field Pilot Testing design and execution support
  • Final Design (FD) support
  • Full-Scale Site Characterization or Remediation support
  • Forensics/Litigation support and Expert Witness services

InfraSUR has demonstrated outstanding customer service and technical capability in numerous US and Canadian market areas, including the following:

  • Private Sector Commercial, Light-Industrial, and Research & Development Property management, ownership transfer, and redevelopment
  • Downstream Oil and Gas facility assessment and remediation (refineries, transmission pipelines, bulk storage facilities, retail stations)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas assessment and remediation (exploration, development, and production properties and facilities)
  • Departments of Defense and Energy facility assessment and remediation
  • Heavy Manufacturing and Chemical Processing facility assessment and remediation
  • Dry Cleaning Site Remediation programs

InfraSUR is retained to perform technical peer reviews, forensic investigations, and to support arbitration and litigation actions for a wide variety of problem sets involving any number of property containment or remedial action scenarios.